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B01 * Physical Rescue

AS E 001 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Main Theme: To understand and accept that everyday life is spiritual; the Healer's Bottle.

Dominant Characteristics: Knows his or her ideals and is able to realize them. Has strong analytical, charismatic, and leadership qualities. Strong male ("animus") qualities, regardless of whether the person occupies a male or female body.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulty with integrating the female side of being. Tendency toward mental over excitement and negative manipulation of others. Hard time expressing him/herself.

Spiritual Level: Connects one with his/her life purpose, which has to do with service. Facilitates the process of letting go of old belief systems.

Mental Level: Helpful with poor memory and mental over excitement. Stimulates the process of bringing up old memories to be resolved in positive ways. It is a favourite with regression therapists because of its ability to free thought. Amnesia and concentration difficulties both respond well to this Rescue Bottle.

Emotional Level: Calms emotions, especially during crises. Aids in overcoming feelings of separation and in contacting inner strength through self-love. Good for lack of confidence - particularly in adolescent males.

Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline, around the throat, neck, and ears (see "Distinctive Qualities" below)

Affirmation: I am whole. I integrate every aspect.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Basic Chakra Set and the Rescue Set. Physical Rescue is one of the few balance oils that can be applied to any painful or bruised area, and is compatible and similar to the Bach Flower Remedy "Rescue Cream".