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04 * Colour Essence * Red

AS CE 04 d
SFr. 25.20
inclusive of VAT


Red provides energy, awareness and passion. This essence strengthens our aura. Regular use helps to be balanced and to be ourselves ... instead of worrying too much about the pains of other people and situations that we can not change.

This essence helps to be more grounded, more centered and more efficient in everyday life (professional and personal); especially interesting for people who are generally overwhelmed in everyday life.

* * *

Plant: Cherry
Tree: Copper beech
Crystal: Ruby
Minerals: Petrified wood and iron


Chakra assignment: Muladhara-Chakra

Zodiac sign: Aries

Application: a few drops of it can be rubbed on the inside of the wrists, the temples, the back of the neck and/or on the throat and/or behind the ears, the belly and/or around the ankles.

Affirmation: I contemplate, I listen and I feel ... now ! In this very moment I AM. The energy follows the thoughts.

* * *

The essences are bottled in Miron violet glass (30ml). The unique properties of the violet glass filter different light frequencies, which both protects and revitalizes natural products and extends their shelf life quite significantly.