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# 7 - Kuka

SFr. 30.00
inclusive of VAT


Keywords: Physical and mental exhaustion, grounding

Discover our Kuka flower essence, your ally in overcoming physical and mental exhaustion. This sacred plant, associated with the sun deity, offers valuable support to regain balance and harmony through vitality.

It promotes anchoring and rootedness, helps you to find your center and combat dizziness with newfound stability.

Kuka also provides invaluable support for addictive behaviors and guides you towards healthier choices and a balanced lifestyle. Embark on a journey of transformation, where fatigue gives way to renewed energy, with Kuka as your healing companion.



  • hyperactivity
  • anxiety with hunger
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • altitude sickness
  • dizziness
  • keeps on the earth
  • channels the sun's energy
  • addictions (emotional)
  • feeling that certain parts of the body have fallen asleep
  • depersonalization (the feeling of being outside the body)


Promotes …

  • creates a balance between activity and passivity
  • balances the energies


Application / Dosage …

Shake the bottle before each use and tap it in the palm of your hand.

Standard: 2 sprays under the tongue, 4 times a day

For anxiety or crisis situations: 1 spray under the tongue, every 15 minutes for one hour


Ingredients …

  • concentrated Kuka flower essence
  • spring water
  • cognac