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SFr. 188.00
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The inspiration to realize the TELEOIS-Monolith manifested itself at the end of September 2014 after I once again read the book "Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples" by Brown Landone. This wonderful book was published in 1940 and translated from English into German by Werner Zimmermann in 1942.

While I was reading, a little voice asked me if I would like to realize a new object; an object that has similar characteristics to the tachyon spheres that I have been offering since 1997. It will be an object that attracts a lot of light and can be placed in the bedroom or in another room. It will be a relatively small but very light-filled object. I instinctively "knew" that this new object would have the shape of a monolith.

I also sensed that this new tachyon object would not be made of stone or glass, but of wood. And since my team has many years of expertise in working with wood, the decision was quickly made. Within a very short time, I had designed the TELEOIS-Monolith and the first prototype was completed based on this information.

* * *

Energetic effects: The TELEOIS-Monolith fills the room in which it is located with its luminous presence, regardless of whether it is a small room or a large hall. Kinesiological and radiesthetic tests show that the effect is strongest when the existing doors / windows of this room are closed. When the doors or windows are open, its subtle effect is slightly reduced, but can still be perceived outside the room.

The TELEOIS_Monolith offers protection and security. It "spreads" a lot of old knowledge (like a huge library) and generates silence and tranquillity (like in a monastery). This small object conveys a feeling of vastness, like a sunrise or like a large door that shows the way for something new.

Manufacturing: Each TELEOIS-Monolith is made by an internationally renowned wood sculptor from the canton of Bern and is tachyonized by me after production. Each TELEOIS-Monolith is therefore unique. We use brass, 24-carat gold leaf and regional walnut wood (juglans regia) for its manufacture.

Placement and range: I recommend placing the TELEOIS-Monolith at a height of between 1.40 m and 1.90 m (or higher).

Please note that the gilded flower of the TELEOIS-Monolith points to the east, similar to the entrance of the tipis of the North American Indians. The entrance to the tepees always faced east, towards the rising sun, the direction to which the prayers were directed.

Dimensions of the monolith: 44mm x 77mm x 11mm (W,H,D)
Dimensions of the base: 77mm x 7mm x 22mm (W,H,D)

> I have published detailed information under this link