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SEGIUN * Bamboo candy

SFr. 9.30
inclusive of VAT


SEGIUN Bamboo Candy, the world's unique bamboo candy

Japanese researcher Shunsuke Nakamura developed a candy that not only tastes delicious, but is also very beneficial. 

Since bamboo charcoal absorbs bad odor, Segiun bamboo candies can reduce bad breath. But also body odors can be reduced by eating bamboo candies daily. Japanese oil of black peppermint provides a delicious fresh taste!

For those who take your tea sweetened, you can also add a bamboo candy in the tea instead of sugar!


Ingredients / other benefits:

Each candy contains non-acidifying bamboo sugar (tabashir), starch syrup, bamboo charcoal powder of Moso bamboo and Japanese field mint oil.

Tabasheer, as it is called in India, occupies an important place in the traditional Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine in the Indian subcontinent. Unani is a combination of various traditional systems of medicine, originally based primarily on ancient Greek medicine. In addition, there are influences from Ayurveda, ancient Greek medicine, and Arab Bedouin medicine. Tabashir is also a component of many traditional Chinese medicines.

Tabashir does not overacidify the body ... and bamboo charcoal is known to be beneficial for the teeth.

Japanese field mint oil contains much more menthol than the European peppermint oil. It relieves mild cramps in the gastrointestinal tract, has an anti-flatulent effect and stimulates the flow of bile. It also inhibits the growth of germs.

* * *

Personal notes

From personal notes taken, which I summarized on April 14, 2005, based on various feedbacks, I would like to add the following keywords:

  • energy boost
  • for heartburn and reflux problems
  • regulates bowel movements
  • in case of hemorrhoids
  • in case of sore throat and flu
  • interesting for hyperactive children (has a harmonizing effect)
  • in case of exam anxiety (brings one to the center)
  • absorbs odors, especially bad breath (e.g. garlic)
  • stores heat
  • has a very high energy value
  • regulates the acid-base balance
  • supports the immune system
  • has antioxidant effect
  • contains over 500 herbal active ingredients


At first glance, it may seem a bit excessive to publish so much information for a small sweet. But it is not!

I wish you much joy and health with these small but wonderful candies.

Marco-Raffaello Dozio