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Salt mill with Himalayan salt (110gr)

Product#: HSM
SFr. 19.50
VAT included


For preparation in the kitchen

Use Himalayan Salt to season your food: it has excellent dietary qualities and enhances the flavor of your dishes. Unlike iodized and fluorinated salts (which are harmful to health) our Himalayan salt is free of side effects.

* * *

Beneficial properties

Unlike refined cooking salt enriched with iodine and fluoride (which are harmful to health), Himalayan crystal salt is a highly energetic natural product. It strengthens the cellular metabolism and vitalizes the cells.

Thanks to its age and the metamorphic geology of the Himalayas, it has the highest content in the world of trace elements, which are lacking in our contemporary diet. These elements are compressed in the crystalline structure, which allows their assimilation by the body. They are what give the salt its coloring. Our Himalayan salt contains up to 84 elements and trace elements.

Among the most important:

Potassium maintains the integrity of each of our cells by regulating its water content, which promotes problems such as hypertension, edema and electrolyte imbalance.

Magnesium is also found in this salt. It contributes to the main cellular metabolisms.

Iron provides the human body with the elements of hemoglobin for the regeneration of blood and provides the typical pink color.

Copper contributes - along with iron - to the synthesis of hemoglobin.

It is rich in compound silicon, an element that activates the body's structuring forces, and the richness in ions and electrolytes provides a balanced pH and strengthens cell regeneration.