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Galaxia Disc
SFr. 1'798.00
inclusive of VAT


Feng Shui ... to the power of 2

Our Feng Shui top product for apartments, houses and business premises that lack a certain amount of CHI! The Galaxia Disc enables to optimize the flow of CHI (life energy), to strengthen it, to multiply vitality and prosperity.

Master craftsmanship

There are good reasons why we have chosen walnut wood for the realization of this extraordinary Feng Shui object. This noble wood, which we also use for the production of the TELEOIS-Monolith, was chosen primarily for its anti-parasitic properties.

The walnut tree releases inhibitors that prevent other plants (parasites) from thriving in the competition for nutrients. The leaves of the walnut tree are particularly rich in tannins, decompose more slowly than other leaves and are avoided by most insects. Walnut trees are also said to repel flies, so they were often planted in farms (next to the dung heap). 

During the Tachyonization process, all these qualities are potentiated, projected into space and can often transform (erase) the memory stocked in the walls of houses (la mémoire des murs) in a short time.

In radiesthesia, and especially in geobiology and Feng Shui, the term "Mémoire des Murs" is a sensitive topic. Many consultants do not feel able to dissolve stuck and oppressive energies in rooms, apartments and houses. They often consult specialists who have many years of experience in this field.

Very often we have heard from clients that since moving into their new apartment or house, many problems have manifested; both health-related and financial. Not only old buildings and walls store energy, but also new ones.

Anti-Parasitic /Power

This wood is able to convert unwanted energies. The energetic equivalent of the Bach Flower essence Walnut is also interesting: this essence helps to gain inner strength. It is the essence for a new beginning and helps people to stay true to their life goals. Influences from the outside world lose their power. One relies again on one's own inner voice!

Inner strength / Energetic potential

Extensive tests and feedback have shown that Galaxia Disc is able to prevent parasitic programs like "I don't deserve success ... Money stinks ... Money does not make you happy" ... and then attract success and abundance.

Fortunately, I don't believe everything. In the meantime, I also know that money doesn't stink. I know in the meantime that money only does what I tell it to do. Without me, my money would do nothing. It would just lie around lazily. I enliven the money with energy. I am the one who tells money what to do. Logically, everyone has problems with the dear money if he thinks money stinks. Who likes to have stinking things? Well, not me. And you certainly don't either.

More examples of programming? Hum, let me think. Ah, yes. That's what mommy says lovingly to the child: "Hey my little sunshine, you are sitting in the draft. If you sit too long in the draft, well then, you'll catch a cold. Wait, I'll close the windows." The good and loving mom repeats this procedure maybe 3 or 4 times or even more. As a child you normally obey and concentrate on what your mom or dad tells you. Some day you catch yourself playing in the draft … you remember what your mom told you and hop - you get a cold! Honestly, it works. Your mom only means well with you, and you know that. So, you believe your mom and finally you believe the programming.

A dear acquaintance once told me that the term "draft" did not exist in the Canary Islands for a long time, until it was probably imported by a few tourists. On the Canary Islands, all the natives usually leave the windows wide open. Nobody got a cold from it. But the mom only means it well with you.

Abundance / Placement

Place this wonderful object in the middle of your home or business premises and give it specific instructions on the themes to be activated.


If you look at the PHAROS II and the Galaxia Disc from above, you will see that five crystal clear spheres rest on the frame. These in turn are connected with 5 lines that lead to the center of the disc. In our studio, the lines on the back of the upper silicon disc are gilded by hand with 24-carat gold leaf in the old tradition of reverse gilding (French "verre églomisé"). The patination gives each Galaxia Disc its exceptional character.

The underside of the upper transparent silicon disc is vaporized with different metals in a special process in a high vacuum, so that it subsequently acquires its characteristic appearance and shines in different colors depending on the incidence of light. The 6 silicon spheres on the Galaxia Disc are the same ones as those we use for the GEO-Acupuncture set. If you connect the five outer spheres with lines, you get a pentagram. This ancient symbol designates, among other things, the five elements on which life is based: Akasha * Fire * Air * Water * Earth

The Five Elements / Tachyons

Scientific studies confirm that objects tachyonized with the BIOTAC Line© process have anti-entropic effects, i.e. effects that counteract chaos, disorder and energy depletion. Tachyons can be described as "always promoting balance".

Our products act as antennas that attract subtle light vibrations and project them into the room. If they are used for living beings, they can supply any organism with highly concentrated life energy. The anti-entropic effect of the tachyons causes a balance of the subtle energy fields in our environment as well as in our physical body and chakras.


The Galaxia Disc is manufactured in our workshops. From the base to the gilding of the silicon disc; all the manufacturing phases are carried out with the greatest care. Each Galaxia Disc is a small masterpiece ... not only "physical", but above all energetic!

We wish you lots of pleasure in the manifestation of joy and success!

* * *

Dimensions: 25cm x 4cm
materials: walnut wood, 24-carat gold, crystalline silicon