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"I AM" - Time Capsule

SFr. 144.00
inclusive of VAT


At the beginning of January 2023 -after a long metamorphosis- an "old idea" has finally manifested: To be able to present a Tachyon Amulet that can transfer the subtle energy of Saint Germain to the wearer and make it possible to dive into the pleasure of the Violet Flame of Transformation.

This pendant, which has an unusual sounding name, is primarily intended to help you accept each moment as precious and important, and to practice infusing love, care and mindfulness into your personal thoughts, actions and words ... and, last but not least, to connect with the transformative power of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain. The energy of Saint Germain represents -among other things- the energy of transformation that clears negativity.

Inside this lovely pendant, along with a gemstone essence, are 7 small tachyonized borosilicate glass beads that have a direct influence on our 7 main chakras.

Energetic potential of the Time-Capsule

The conscious use of the " Time Capsule " can help to free oneself from negativity ... and that on all levels and at all times. In what circumstances can this amulet provide other support?

  • to connect with the transforming power of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain
  • to get rid of negative energies / habits
  • with the feeling of being a prisoner of external circumstances
  • to practice bringing love, care and mindfulness into my thoughts, actions and words
  • in order to dive into the energy of the "I AM"

I wish you many light-filled moments with the "Time Capsule" !

* * *

Material: stainless steel, golden color
Capsule: 26 x 10mm - Chain lenght: 50cm

* * *

At this point I present you four Aura-Soma products that can be wonderfully combined with the "Time Capsule". 

Aura-Soma Quintessence St. Germain

Aura-Soma Quintessence Spray St. Germain

The Quintessences, which also consist of a combination of 49 plant extracts and essential oils, are similar to the Pomanders ... but are designed to support meditation, prayer and reflection. They help solve specific problems and connect to inner intuition. The Aura-Soma Quintessences bear the name of an Ascended Master. The Quintessences are available both as a flacon for personal use ... and as a room spray.

Aura-Soma Pomander Violet

Aura-Soma Pomander Spray Violet 

The Pomanders contain energies of plants, crystals and colors. They are a combination of 49 plant extracts and essential oils. Each Pomander contains the extracts of at least 7 plants, which are directly related to our seven main chakras. They act on the "electromagnetic" field that envelops our body ... and are there to protect, cleanse, refresh and strengthen our own body energies. The Pomanders are available both as a flacon for personal use ... and as a room spray.