Water Vitalization Systems


When using tachyon energy for water treatment, the following positive effects will result:


1) Nitrates and other detrimental components as heavy metals are re-structured by tachyon energy in such a way, that they hardly interact with organic material.


2) The vibrational frequency of water is highly augmented. On the occasion of diverse assessments using a bio-spectrograph, the predominant value registered in normal tap water is more or less 82 bio-energetic units (BU). Quality mineral water show values of around 220 BUs. Water revitalized by means of tachyon energy runs up to a value of about 14'000 BU !


3) "Left-hand spin" water (strain to the organism) is re-polarized to "right-hand spin" water (strengthens the organism).


4) Calcium carbonates are for the most part caused to go into suspension (partial separation of the particles from the normal fluid dynamics). This effects all connected machines, pipes and kitchen aids to show less calcification after installation of our system.


By means of our wellknown vitalizing systems AQUIVATOR and AQUAFLOW all users will make their contribution both to their personal health and the environment. There will be no more need to carry heavy mineral water bottles, and no more energy consumption for the production of PET bottles.


As you might already know: vitalized tapwater is fantastic for your health!


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