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Earth rays -invisible to the eye- are triggers for the most diverse disease patterns!

It has been known for a long time, that many chronic diseases go hand in hand with a radiesthesic overload in houses and apartments. It is therefore indispensable - in case of health problems - that the homes and workplaces of the suffering people are checked and sanitized.

Since in the meantime it is technically possible to detect earth radiation not only with a pendulum or/and a dowsing rod, this statement is now finally confirmed by leading scientists and doctors. Modern electronic devices, such as the scintillation counter, are able to accurately detect these electromagnetic harmful radiations and make them visible on a monitor.

Not to be forgotten: In the past -before building a house- farmers brought domestic herbivorous mammals such as cows, horses or sheep to the future land. There, where these animals passed through and re-masted their food, they found "undisturbed" telluric zones. By the way: all mammals, except cats, rest on neutral zones.

Harmonization of earth radiation with BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon products

The advantages over other systems on the market, such as copper mats, are that our BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products can harmonize the entire apartment or house. This means that all areas where harmful earth radiation is present (e.g. living room, kitchen or bedroom) will be harmonized after placing our tachyon products. The price/performance ratio is -compared to many other products available on the market- extremely favorable.

Another advantage of the BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products is that you do not have to move furniture or beds. Both the GEOTAC*CARDs and the Tachyon-Spheres can simply be placed under the bed. Unfortunately, the space available for beds in modern homes is often laughably small; therefore, rearranging them is often not possible.

I have published detailled information about this interesting topic as well as concrete proposals for solutions on my other homepage www.biotac.ch under the link Geobiology.