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Protection against electro smog

Electro smog is becoming more and more topical the longer it goes on. Humans, plants and animals; all react to a high degree to this technical phenomenon. In this context, medicine has registered various new clinical pictures in both humans and animals. The increasingly dense cell phone network, satellites, power lines, radio and TV transmitters and electrical devices in general support the "wave salad" in our atmosphere.

In biophysics, it is nowadays proven that electromagnetic fields exhibit a "left-spin". By the way: Tumors and cancer cells also exhibit a "left-spin". Healthy cells and cell groups show a "right-spin".

BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products repolarize fields with a "left-spin" into fields with a "right-spin" … which means that such radiation is no longer harmful to the organism.

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Under this link I have published a lot of information on this subject. Enjoy reading ;-)

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