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The Rainbow Igloo was the first polished geometric object in our range, which is vaporized with different metals using a special process in a high vacuum, so that it subsequently acquires its characteristic appearance and shines in different colors, depending on the incidence of light. The Rainbow Igloo has 33 facets.

The potential effect of the Rainbow Igloo can be associated especially with the theme of "Energy & Protection". We recommend it primarily for three different applications:

A) for protection during sleep

B) as an inspirational object for the workplace

C) to boost the CHI in the living and/or working area.

* * *

A) The Rainbow Igloo manifests a tachyon field that can protect sleeping individuals from "unwanted" energies. An amazing fast-acting object that has proven itself in many cases since 1997. Highly recommended for babies who cry "for no reason" and sleep badly, and children who complain about bad dreams or even "beings" that disturb them during the night. For such cases, we recommend placing the Rainbow Igloo between the mattress and the slatted frame (at head height). To prevent it from slipping away, you can scotch wrap it around the slatted frame.

The positive feedback we receive in this regard is also gratifying for us. Many parents keep telling us, "We don't even know how to say thank you. Our lives have changed completely in a very short time. You can't imagine how good it feels not to be woken up all the time!"

B) Just put it in front of you on your desk ... and take it in your hand every now and then. Good luck !

C) A pyramid arrangement of 5 rainbow igloos (put one igloo in each of the four corners on the floor and stick the fifth one in the middle on the ceiling) increases the CHI in rooms noticeably. A perhaps unusual, but extremely effective Feng Shui product.

* * *

We offer this small object in two different color variations, which we explain in more detail in the product description.