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The Sunbeam can be used to get "things" rolling: it helps to move forward on one's path. The energy potential of the Sunbeam has to do with creating and the universe. Creating something out of "nothing", materializing something.
Made of pure silicon, the Sunbeam is available in two color variations. Mass: 42 x 6mm
Manufacturing: Each silicon-based tachyon product is individually handcrafted by employees of a small, renowned glassworks in Bavaria.

Each individual item, such as the pictured Sunbeam, is therefore just as unique as its future owner.

Even in this day and age, the manufacturing process resembles a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the highly complex and "secret" melting and shaping process enchants again and again. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" the silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

SFr. 78.00
SFr. 78.00