Reliable protection from electric smog. Since 1997. Guaranteed !

With the GOLD*CHIP we still offer the world's safest product when it comes to protecting oneself from the radiation of electrosmog producing devices. All the scientific and biophysical analyses, which were carried out with the GOLD*CHIP, prove its protection potential in an impressive way !

  • Smartphones, tablets, iPads
  • Laptops, screens
  • wireless telephones
  • WiFi router

Easy to use:
You can stick the GOLD*CHIP on the back of your smartphone ... or simply place it between the case and your smartphone.

Beware of expensive kitsch: For a few years now, more and more suppliers have been flooding the market with dubious products. They present Shungit stickers and other plastic stickers, which are produced cheaply and non-ecological in the land of the dragon ... and sometimes sold for horrendous prices. Effects: zero !

PS: We offer the GOLD*CHIP in five different packages. Just choose the one you like best ;-)

* * *

Latest news: since a few days we offer with the GOLD*CHIP Disc a reliable protection against mobile phone antennas of the 5G generation!

SFr. 49.80
GOLD*CHIP set of 10
SFr. 444.00
GOLD*CHIP set of 5
SFr. 228.00