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KOSHI Wind chimes

The KOSHI wind chime -a harmonic musical instrument-, is an original and high quality creation. Made at the foot of the Pyrenees, each wind chime represents the fruits of extremely refined craftsmanship.

Eight strings of different lengths are soldered with pure silver into the metal disc at the bottom of the cylindrical resonator. The extremely precise tuning of the bars produces a harmonious play of pure tones and overtones. The tones of the short bars gently dominate and form -together with the other bars- a perfectly tuned harmonic sequence.

* * *

The KOSHI wind chimes are available in four different timbres; each with its own magical sound, perfectly matched to the other models. All bamboo veneer cylinders are treated with a biodynamic and natural oil.

Make the chime sound by gently swinging it back and forth with the cord. Soothing and harmonious if you use it with children and infants. The crystal clear and soothing timbres will delight you too.

If you place the sound game outdoors, the wind will gently play with it and gently take you to "other dimensions" thanks to the cheerful sound colors ;-)