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Room harmonizer

Flower of Life Metal Mandalas

The metal mandalas, which I present in this column, are predestined to impregnate rooms with the information of the Flower of Life. Claims that the Flower of Life can harmonize ALL types of interference rays, I do not share from my own experience!

In order to harmonize earth rays reliably, I recommend the tachyon products presented in the section "Protection from earth radiation", which I have been offering since 1995.

However, that this symbol is able to have a balancing effect on body, mind and soul is undisputed; especially if I wear the Flower of Life as jewelry on my body.

This wonderful ancient symbol represents - among other things - everything related to the Golden Ratio. For this reason, this symbol is also excellent for vitalizing food and drinks.

* * *

PS: The Flower of Life is often chosen by people who are in search of external and internal "order". Worn as jewelry, the multiple energetic information of this symbol can act on our cells.