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Equilibrium * Nr. 00 - 19

The Aura-Soma Equilibrium essences were created in the early 80's in England by Vicky Wall. Thanks to her decades of experience as a pharmacist, she had an extremely extensive knowledge of plants, herbs, flowers and gemstones and knew how they affect the body, mind and spirit when prepared with oil, water and alcohol.

The upper half of the contents of the bottle is grape seed oil, and the lower half is natural, filtered spring water irradiated with ultraviolet light. Both basic substances include extracts of herbs, plants, vegetables, essential oils, crystals, minerals, precious and semi-precious stones. All herbal ingredients come exclusively from biodynamic cultivation and make Aura-Soma products high quality care products.

Application: Open the bottle, take it in your left hand and shake it -with a smile- until both halves have mixed into an emulsion ... and apply it on the body once or twice a day.

Effect: The emulsion is then absorbed by the skin and delivered to the lymphatic system, the circulatory system and through the blood to the various organs and endocrine glands, which act directly on our subtle bodies (chakras). Through the "Sympathetic Resonance" our body carries information to the appropriate place and what is not needed remains on the skin.

Important: Each Equilibrium bottle should be shaken and used only by you, because touching and shaking causes a transfer of personal energies.

* * *

Application for other people: For small children, people in need of help or for example during massage treatments, the bottle can be shaken with the right hand, while with the left hand direct contact is kept with the person to be treated. Afterwards, the essence can be applied to the body.