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Aura-Soma Light Beamer

With the "Light-Beamer" developed by Bernadette Meier-Michel, the color vibrations of the Equilibrium Essences can be transmitted directly into the aura; for this purpose, the Equilibrium vial of choice is inserted into the "Light-Beamer" and directed onto the part of the body to be treated. After the treatment I recommend to clean the vial. For this you can put a few drops of the Quintessence Serapis Bey on a white cotton cloth and rub the vial with it.

Impact: The conscious use of the Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen has a harmonizing effect on personal well-being and offers the possibility to unfold its effect in various physical and mental states of imbalance. Light as an information carrier is excellent for transmitting colors and energies. The light reminds us of our true nature: we are beings of light!

Holistic treatment: Der „Light-Beamer“ eröffnet somit neue Wege zur ganzheitlichen Genesung und kann von -auch ohne Vorkenntnisse- einfach und unbedenklich eingesetzt werden!

It has been proven that the Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen acts on the memory of the cells, on the biophotons, on the meridians, on the chakras and even on the Maya portals (points of interrelation between the evolution of the individual and the cosmic evolution).

Biophotons are light wave particles responsible for the transmission of information in the subtle bodies. The meridians (responsible for the flow of energy between the different organs and the body as a whole), have a direct influence on the chakras (gateways to the subtle bodies and vsare responsible for the distribution of energy on the physical, emotional and mental levels) and on the maya portals.

In the meantime, it has been proven how important it is to include the subtle bodies (chakras) in energetic treatments; in them lie the causes of imbalances ... and by gently stimulating the chakras there is the possibility of activating the process of self-healing.