Aura-SomaEquilibrium * 00 - 19

Equilibrium was the first part of Aura-Soma's non-intrusive and self selective soul therapy that was created by Vicky Wall in the early 1980's.


Through Vicky Wall's years of experience as an apothecary and thanks to her knowledge gained as a child of the science of signatures, she had extensive knowledge of plants, herbs and flowers as well as how they interact and react together in other substances such as oils, waters and creams, etc. From From Vicky's little laboratory the first Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles were created through great inspiration. At present there are 113 dual-colored Equilibrium bottles.



Equilibrium brings together the three kingdoms:


  • the plant kingdom: through herbal extracts and essential oils
  • the mineral kingdom: through the wavelengths of various gems and crystals
  • the color kingdom: through the frequencies of color and light that are reflected


In order to use the essence of the bottles, a small portion of the emulsified liquid should be emptied into the hands and then rubbed into the body in relation to the associated colour/s and the human chakra system and or using one's intuition.


The liquid of the Equilibrium bottle is absorbed by the skin (the biggest organ of the body) and enters the lymphatic system and then through to the circulatory and via the blood to the appropriate organs and endocrine glands (which have cause and effect upon the subtle bodies including the chakra system).


The body has and inherent knowing as to what is needed and through sympathetic resonance the body takes what is needed to the appropriate location/s and what is not required at that point in time remains on the skin.