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#5 Nutrition


You are what you eat!

Since most of the food you buy is not necessarily organic, you often have no choice but to revitalize it, just as you need to revitalize your drinks.

And please don't tell me you prepare your meals with a microwave. Please don't. Personally I can tell you that this "atomic" food heated by invisible waves does not taste good. I'm sorry. Apparently I (the wise Ticino with his spoiled Ticino palate, grown up with the flavors of the cuisine del Ticino and della Lombardia), I still have difficulty imagining that I could swallow "atomic food" ;-)

a) it tastes awful - muddy
b) is so unnatural ... and
c) my body certainly doesn't like to assimilate this kind of food!

* * *

In this section we present various products that can help to invigorate tap water (AQUIVATOR) as well as invigorate drinks and food. Choose intuitively the product that inspires you, click on it and let yourself be surprised by the usefulness of the product.