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#4 Restful sleep


If you have already integrated #1, #2 and #3 and still feel tired, 90% of the time it is due to your sleeping place. You are probably sleeping on earth rays.

Earth rays are known to cause the following symptoms: Tiredness, stress, allergies, headaches, nervousness, depression, trouble sleeping through the night, mental illness, cancer, heavy sweating, susceptibility to infections, lack of concentration, rheumatism, cardiovascular problems, joint pain, back pain, trouble falling asleep, muscle spasms, etc. etc.

In our store we may have what you need to protect yourself from pathogenic earth rays: scientifically tested products that can be recommended for 20 years. If you feel like conscientiously reading up on earth rays; we have published a lot of information under this link.

* * *

In this section we present various products that can help to optimize sleep. Choose intuitively the image that appeals to you, click on it and be surprised what the product is for.